A comprehensive literature list

When I was down and out with my shoulder injury, I desperately sought out any information I could find on shoulder injuries and especially if any other violinists/violists had any experience that could help me. Imagine my joy, when someday I stumbled upon this treatise by an American viola player, Michelle Rush, that had not only suffered the exact same injury that I had,  but also read every single book and article on the subject, and then compiled a review of it all in a single treatise! This quickly turned into my most valuable resource in my quest for knowledge about my condition. I recently managed to track down Michelle and asked her if she would be ok with her treatise being posted here – she said she would be glad if I made it available here!

I’m convinced that this treatise can help others (particularly string players) in the same way that it helped me, and it is certainly a great resource for any injured musician. I am very grateful to Michelle, not only for writing it, but also for letting me post it here!

The PDF is here.


Article in “Musikeren”

In March 2009 Danish magazine “Musikeren” (“The Musician”) ran a 4 page article about the story of my injury, the rehab and my return to playing, written by editor-in-chief Henrik Strube. The article is obviously in Danish, but I am working on an English translation.

The PDF is here.


Curriculum Vitae

This is my full resume: CV 2013 english.