I currently live in Hanoi and are available for lessons of any level. Whether you are looking to become a professional musician or just want to learn a few tunes, I can help you. It doesn’t matter if you if you are 4 or 45 years old, a complete beginner or an experienced musician. If you’re interested, send me an email here, and we’ll talk about how I can help you.


My teaching philosophy

I enjoy teaching, and have over the created many excellent results with students of all ages, backgrounds and levels. My teaching philosophy centers around inspiring students through my own passion for the violin. I also believe in helping my students develop healthy habits from day one, so should they one decided to pursue a professional career in music, they will have a solid platform to start from. I also encourage creativity and independent thinking through every phase of the learning process – always innovate, never “just” imitate.

Below is a testimonial from the parents of two former students, that I taught in the US in 2003.


To Whom It May Concern
It is our distinct pleasure to offer our highest recommendation on behalf of Mr. Nicolaj Nielsen. We have known Mr. Nielsen for approximately one year as has been the violin instructor for both our sons.
We first had the opportunity of working with Mr. Nielsen when our eldest son, Christian, was six years old. We immediately noticed his warm and friendly manner when dealing with our son. In addition to his natural ability to communicate with Christian, we were extremely impressed with his masterful technique and insightful pedagogy. He was able to assist Christian in developing a more relaxed left hand as well as a strong bow arm. Further, Mr. Nielsen was able to succinctly pinpoint trouble areas in Christian’s violin playing and offer immediate remedial instruction.
Little did we know, our four year-old son, Holden, who was present at Christian’s lessons, was carefully studying Mr. Nielsen. Holden is a very reserved and quiet child so we were quite surprised when at the end of one of Christian’s lessons, Holden slipped over to Mr. Nielsen, placed his hand on his shoulder and announced, “I want you to teach me. I will work hard and be a good student.” Mr. Nielsen readily agreed to teach Holden on a weekly basis and we are so thrilled with the progress they have made together. At a recent studio recital , Holden confidently made his debut playing “Musette” by J.S. Bach – a feat made possible by the teaching of Mr. Nielsen.
We feel that Mr. Nielsen provides an encouraging environment for his students. Although he has high standards for his students, his comments and suggestions are always phrased positively and aimed at instilling good habits and solid violin playing. He has an endless amount of patience and goodwill for his students. The close rapport that he so easily establishes with his students provides a foundation of trust with the students. They are able to learn and experiment in a safe and healthy environment.
In closing, we would like to share an anecdote that clearly illustrates the superb teaching ability of Mr. Nielsen. When our youngest son learned that Mr. Nielsen would be leaving the U.S. to return to his home, Holden emptied the contents of his piggybank into an envelope and wrote the following in a letter to Mr. Nielsen:
Dear Nicolaj                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Please don’t go back to Denmark                                                                                                                                                                      
Love, Holden
We think this speaks volumes to the impact that Mr. Nielsen has on his students.
Benjamin and Megan Sweger